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Our Treatment Philosophy


Our Primary Purpose: To maintain an environment where treatment is inviting and recovery can flourish

Our treatment philosophy

There was a time when drug and alcohol problems meant Addiction and Alcoholismand nothing else. Treatment and Recovery meant learning how to abstain from all mind-altering chemicals. Period.

Today, Addiction and Alcoholism are still the most common substance use disorders (SUD’s) people seek help for. But we now know that there are other ways to develop problems because of drinking or using drugs. And some of these also require treatment.

And while we believe Abstinence is the safest goal for most addicts and alcoholics, we have learned that one size does not fit all, especially for non-addicts who have other kinds drug or alcohol-related problems.

So if you’re not 100% what kind of problem you have or what you should do about it—that’s just fine! We’re here to help you figure it out!

Treatment is learning to see your problem clearly and mastering the skills needed to fix it. This happens quickly for some people, more slowly for others. At Second Chance there are no time limits and no deadlines. Our job is to help you set your goals. It is you who will decide when you have achieved them.

Recovery means continuing to practice the skills you have learned so you can remain stable and healthy. We can provide the services and resources you need as you move from formal services to self-care and community support.

Some people come to Second Chance for their first attempt at recovery; for others it is their second, or third—or twentieth.  No one is asked to leave because they relapse.  No one is ever told they can’t come back because they have been here too often.

Recovery is a life-long process.  When participants leave Second Chance we want them to be well-prepared for the adventure ahead.