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Social Model Services


A lot of treatment gets done outside of individual and group counseling sessions.  Informal talk and socializing—especially when it is available any time it is needed—can be the glue that holds recovery together for some people.


Family Systems Group

This is a chance for both participants and their families to get together to see how they have caused problems for each other and how they can work together to overcome them.


Any time we are open, participants can show up without an appointment to hang out, grab coffee and a snack, talk to other participants, touch base with counseling staff, or just have a clean and sober safe space to relax in.

Telephone Hot Line

If a participant needs to talk and can’t get down to one of our centers, our phone is staffed 24/7 to help.

Family Night

 Once a month Tri-Cities and Hayward each host a gathering of friends, family and participants to hear an inspiring speaker and share a meal together.

Pot-Luck Luncheon

Once a quarter we fix a big lunch and invite current and past participants and other friends to meet, eat and catch up with how things are going.

Community Party

The first Wednesday in June we rent the Newark pavilion next door and have a giant barbecue and party for anyone who wants to join us.


Each summer staff and participants form baseball teams with games and barbecues each weekend.

Recovery Services

We’re here to help in any way we can. Call us. (510) 792-4357 or (510) 886-8696